Westport’s Centenary Year

Played Westport twice over the weekend.  Played in strong winds and light drizzle on Saturday – rain gear required; then played Sunday in the Sunshine – teeshirt weather.  The same course but two completely different challenges: on saturday driver and rescue wood to the 6th off the forward tee; on sunday driver and 6 iron off the back tee.  Played a threeball 18 holes on Sunday in three hours 10 minutes – courtesy of my partners and being waved through by a a fourball that started before us.  Not bad, 18 holes and home by 11am!  And great to experience traditional courtesy on the golf course.

If you get the chance play Westport in its centenary year.  Wonderful golf course with outstanding scenery.  And the elements will provide a different challenge every day, if not every hour!

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