Corporate golf at The Castle

Played in the Mercury ( Golf Outing at the Castle last Friday.  Format was a three person team, two to count.  A most enjoyable afternoon, great company, on a thinking person’s golf course.  Seems to me the trees on the course encroach more each year – presenting more challenges or problems to the golfer. 

As a regular links golfer I have often thought that inland courses produce straighter drivers of the ball – being used to having to hit the ball between tunnels of trees, as against links players who may benefit from playing from the adjoining fairway.  And then in the summer time, with significant run on the ball, the links player may hit irons from many tees – there being a very real premium on hitting the fairway and benefiting from up to 100m of run, depending on specific conditions.

Any keen golfer visiting Dublin should try to play The Castle – beautiful mature golf course, lots of decisions to be made, rewards good shot making.  And the catering has always be excellent whenever I’ve played there.

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