Bluereek is an independent consulting business, based in Dublin, Ireland, founded by Barry O’Gorman in 2010.

Technology continues to evolve and offer CEOs new ways to interact with prospects and customers, to develop new products and to run their own businesses.  Technology is at the core of much of the innovation we see in business.

We live in a mobile, data rich world.  It is no longer good enough for CFOs and CEOs to rely only on data from within their own companies (classical ERP solutions).  And platforms have changed – employees, customers, partners all want access to relevant data from their phones, their ipads, their laptops.  Those ERP systems themselves have evolved significantly and are now geared to support this mobile world.

Broadband and virtualisation have brought us the cloud – in its pure and hybrid forms (be that public, private or some combination).  It is now so much easier to get up and running – in particular if you are willing to use the public cloud.  Competitors and new participants in the market understand this.  Startups in the past often required capital to purchase hardware, fund development of systems, hire teams of developers.  Now we see lots of startups with two or three people and no in-house servers or software. Companies of a dozen employees may be IPO’d.

And mobile and the cloud are support the explosion in social.  Social platforms are the norm in everyday life.  Almost everyone uses multiple social applications from their mobiles.  And attitudes to sharing information and to privacy have changed hugely – in spite of the scares about hacking, government monitoring and online fraud.

Data centres built to support cloud applications also offer CIOs every possible option in terms of hosting and co-hosting of applications and platforms.  At a business level outsourcing has gone way past basic information technology – almost every support function/ service can be purchased under a managed services contract.

We’ve seen our clients change the way they do business – sometimes very successfully, sometimes struggling.  Change has not become any lesser a challenge for business and business transformation is the name of the game for many of our clients.  But you cannot keep doing business the old way.

Bluereek works with clients looking to implement change, to take advantage of the opportunities available.  Think data, cloud, mobile, managed service.  But it’s still about providing your clients or customers with quality, affordable, flexible products or services.

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