Bluereek was founded in 2010.  Bluereek is a consulting company formed to assist companies looking to innovate in their business by leveraging developments in technology and opportunities arising directly as a result of new technologies  The company was founded by Barry O’Gorman.

There have been any number of developments in technology (and the way it is delivered) in the last number of years – all of them presenting companies with opportunities to work in different ways e.g. cloud computing, Big Data, mobile apps, social networking, collaboration platforms, business intelligence, managed services.

We can help:

  • Business leaders who are
    • looking to re-engineer/ reinvent their businesses and trying to figure out how technology can help
    • looking to focus their businesses and remove unnecessary processes
    • looking to work in different ways with their customers, partners and supply chain – leveraging technologies which provide smarter ways to collaborate, develop new products, support customers
  • IT leaders (CIOs and CTOs) who are working to create real value in their businesses – who want to challenge the status quo and make a real impact in the sustainability and profitability of their business
  • Individuals and startups with new technologies and ideas for business – looking to understand real business problems and provide innovative solutions which provide competitive advantage

We have worked with clients across a range of sectors, including Healthcare, Hospitality, Engineering and Construction, Pharma and Banking and Financial Services.  Across these sectors we have relevant and current experience in cloud computing, managed services, business process re-engineering, social platforms.  Business leaders in all of these sectors are looking at opportunities to speed up product development, improve interaction with supply chain and customers, simplify and/or remove non value-add processes.

The latest developments in technology provide business with opportunities not seen before -whereby the smart companies will focus on what generates real value for their customers – by partnering, collaborating and avoiding investment in low/ no value-ad business processes and systems.  The corollary of this is that those who do not leverage the opportunities presented will be outmaneuvered.

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